WHOI acoustic telemetry project interim report 12/1/88 - 6/1/89 Report uri icon


  • This interim report covers the progress of the acoustic telemetry project during the period 12/1/88 to 5/15/89. In general, the work followed the format specified in WHOI proposal No. 5674.1. The major exception was the deletion of the transmitter array development task and a corresponding funding decrease from $242,242 to $170,000. In addition, the period for the funding was extended to June 30, partly due to a two month delay in project startup. The telemetry project was centered around the construction, programming and testing of a digital receiver prototype capable of supporting future signal processing algorithms in real-time over ocean acoustic channels. The baseline receiver consists of a two-channel analog quadrature demodulator, and interface to a multiprocessor receiver for digital signal processing. The software developed includes routines for command and control of the analog demodulator, data handling and formatting, and minimal software to digitally implement an incoherent MFSK demodulator, synchronizer and data decoder. Data storage and display programs were also completed to facilitate the performance analysis of the unit during testing. The system was tested in Woods Hole harbor at data rates up to 4800 bits/sec. The acoustic channel was time-dispersive Rayleigh fading, and performance close to theoretical expectations was achieved. We are confident that the system error behavior is arising from channel-caused effects and known deficiencies in system performance, such as excessive synchronizer steady-state jitter.

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  • 1989