A report on the 3-D acoustic working group meeting at Long Beach, MS July 7-8, 1988 Report uri icon


  • At the request of ONR Code 11250A, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (Dr. James F. Lynch) convened a workshop to bring together a group of acoustic and ocean modelers to review and discuss 1. the state of development and the need for three-dimensional numerical acoustic research propagation and scattering models; 2. the interfacing of acoustic models with available oceanographic data and ocean model outputs. The workshop was hosted by the Institute for Naval Oceanography (Dr. Ching-Sang Chiu) at Long Beach, MS on July 7-8, 1988. This report summarizes the research presentations and the recommendations made by the group. The workshop was an initial attempt to promote the interaction between the ocean and acoustic modeling communities. This interaction between the communities is essential to the development of truly interactive basic research acoustic and ocean models. We anticipate more workshops of such nature to be held in the future. The findings and recommendations generated by these workshops are expected to have a strong impact on the direction of future three-dimensional modeling research in both acoustics and oceanography .

publication date

  • June 1989