A SAIL compatible three channel acoustic navigation interrogator Report uri icon


  • Ocean Acoustic Tomography data are significantly degraded if mooring motion is unknown. An autonomous instrument employing a solid state data logger designed to track and record mooring motion is described. Navigation is accomplished by simultaneously interrogating each of three bottom mounted transponders positioned in an equilateral triangle around the mooring's anchor at a range approximately equal to the depth of the tracked instrument. The three round-trip travel times thus obtained having a resolution of 125uS and a SNR dependent jitter of less than 1.5mS, define a unique instrument position and are recorded along with the time of day and day of year. The measurement period, the system clock and the program start time are set via a 20mA SAIL. Since the standby power requirement is negligible compared to the battery capacity, the instrument may be programmed months in advance of the deployment. System endurance varies with the measurement period, however, typical programs permit navigation for up to 21 months at 12 points per day. Upon recovery, the navigator data may be down-loaded via SAIL directly to the storage medium of a suitable computer.

publication date

  • September 1990