In situ measurements of the dynamics of a full scale bottom moored mine model Report uri icon


  • Under the sponsorship of the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), Dalgren Division, White Oak, Marland, the Ocean Systems & Mooring Laboratory of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution devised (1991) and conducted (1992) an experiment to measure the dynamic response of a full scale model of the CAPTOR mine, submerged and moored in strong tidal currents near Woods Hole, MA. Specifically, the purpose of this sophisticated engineering experiment was to obtain long term, high frequency measurements of the spatial position of the CAPTOR body, of the tension at both ends of the mooring line, and of the mooring line strumming, as a function of the currents prevailing at the site. This report first describes the main components and the method of deployment of the complex CAPTOR Dynamics Experiment (CAPTORDYN) set up. It then presents the mechanical and electrical designs of the entire system. Finally a review of the results obtained concludes the report.

publication date

  • 1993