4DGeoBrowser : a web-based data browser and server for accessing and analyzing multi-disciplinary data Report uri icon


  • This report describes the 4DGeoBrowser software system. The GeoBrowser is a web-based application developed at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution by Steven Lerner and Andrew Maffei. It has been designed with the goal of creating, accessing, and analyzing repositories of oceanographic datasets that have been generated by investigators in differing scientific disciplines. Once the information is loaded onto a Geobrowser server the investigator-user is able to login to the website and use a set of data access and analysis tools to search, plot, and display this information. GeoBrowser servers are also capable of processing commands that are submitted remotely via HTTP URLs or email. Scientists are able to use this capability to make calls to the GeoBrowser server and generate click-able maps, tables of urls, and customized HTML pages. These can then be used to enhance websites associated with scientific projects. Examples of supporting scientific website functionality that includes time series plotting, data delivery by email, geo-spatial plotting of interdisciplinary data, map-based search capabilities and other functionality are presented in this report. The report includes examples of GeoBrowser application websites, a user manual, and a reference guide. In addition, the concept of Electronic Index Cards (EICs) is presented.

publication date

  • October 2001