Cruise report-Oceanus 218, March 20-April 9, 1990 : warm ring inertial critical layer experiment (WRINCLE) Report uri icon


  • R/V Oceanus Cruise 218 (OC218) departed Woods Hole March 20,1990 for 20 days of work in a Gulf Stream Warm Core Ring. The scientific objective of the Warm Ring Inertial Critical Layer Experiment (WRINCLE) was to study the phenomenon of inertial-internal wave trapping in anticyclonic rings and the associate mixing. High Resolution Profiler (HRP) casts provided fine- and microstructure data and the Richardson Number float and eXpendable Current Profiler (XCP) surveys provided velocity and density finestructure measurements. During the time R/V Oceanus was in and around the ring, 78 HRP drops to 1000 m were completed, and data from 55 XCPs, 26 Conductivity Temperature and Depth Profiler (CTD) casts, and 59 eXpendable BathyThermograph (XBTs) were logged. The free-drifting Richardson Number float (RiNo) acquired data for eleven days in ring center. This report documents the work performed at sea, and summarizes some of the data collected.

publication date

  • November 1991