Meteorological and oceanographic measurements during the ASREX III field experiment : cruise and data report Report uri icon


  • The Third Acoustic Surface Reverberation Experiment (AS REX III) took place from December 1993 to March 1994 at Site L (34°N, 70°W) in the mid-Atlantic. As part of this experiment, two moorings were deployed to measure the environmental background. A meteorological and oceanographic mooring was deployed to characterize the surface wind stress, buoyancy flux, and the current and temperature structure over the top 500 meters. A Seatex Wavescan buoy was deployed to characterize the directional wave spectrum. This report presents results from these moorings. Wind speeds up to 25 m/s were seen, with significant heat losses (up to 1050 W/m2) when cold continental air moved out over the warm Atlantic. The wave heights ranged up to 8 m, with significant wave heights of several meters persisting for relatively long periods. Wave height and period, nondirectional spectra, directional spectra and a typology of wave events are presented and related to surface forcing.

publication date

  • 1996