Design study for a moored surface-scanning sonar Report uri icon


  • This report contains the results of a design study for a surface scanning sonar instrument capable of long-term deployment on ocean moorings. The instrument is intended to sample the bubble field just below the ocean's surface and compute the backscattered intensity and Doppler velocity in small unit volumes. The principal motivation for the development of such an instrument is to enhance the study of upper ocean processes by utilizing the ability of the sonar to detect surface waves and Langmuir circulation. Important design parameters for the instrument are investigated and a detailed design proposed. Key technical issues such as the trade-offs among spatial resolution, temporal resolution, velocity precision, total range, and power are discussed. The azimuthal motion of the instrument on a mooring is considered as a potential problem, and possible solutions are discussed. Matlab functions used for the investigations are included in an appendix.

publication date

  • 1993