A self-contained wind speed, direction and location system for buoys and ships in the World Ocean Circulation Experiment Report uri icon


  • Knowledge of the absolute wind velocity near the surface of the ocean is a requirement of the World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE) and other large programs directed towards understanding air-sea interactions and how ocean circulation and climate are interrelated. The measurement is made possible using IMET (Improved METeorology) modules, a next generation meteorological data acquisition system developed as part of the WOCE program. An IMET system consists of a set of intelligent modules for each measurement variable, with data being recorded on a computer, typically PC-based. The IMET wind module includes a propeller for wind speed, a vane and optical encoder for wind direction, a flux gate compass for the north reference, and microprocessor-based electronics for control and data formatting. The IMET Global Positioning System (GPS) module includes a five chanel GPS receiver and microprocessor based electronics for control and data formatting. These modules, as part of the complete measurement suite, result in a self-contained system that can make accurate measurements from research ships, drifting and moored buoys, and volunteer observing ships (VOS).

publication date

  • August 1994