Fluxes and gas transfer rates of the biogenic trace gas DMS derived from atmospheric gradients Academic Article uri icon


  • Gas transfer rates were determined from vertical profile measurements of atmospheric dimethylsulfide (DMS) gradients over the equatorial Pacific Ocean obtained during the GasEx-2001 cruise. A quadratic relationship between gas transfer velocity and wind speed was derived from the DMS flux measurements; this relationship was in close agreement with a parameterization derived from relaxed eddy accumulation measurements of DMS over the northeastern Pacific Ocean. However, the GasEx-2001 relationship results in gas transfer rates that are a factor 2 higher than gas transfer rates calculated from a parameterization that is based on coincident eddy correlation measurements of CO2 flux. The measurement precision of both the profiling and eddy correlation techniques applied during GasEx-2001 is comparable; the two gas transfer data sets are in agreement within their uncertainty. Differences in the number of samples and the wind speed range over which CO2 and DMS fluxes were measured are likely causes for the observed discrepancy.

publication date

  • August 2004