Distribution and taxonomy of zooplankton in the Alboran Sea and adjacent western Mediterranean : a literature survey and field guide Report uri icon


  • This a survey of literature records for occurrence and taxonomy of zooplankton in the Western Mediterranean, with particular emphasis on the Alboran Sea. It is intended to give a general background on the fauna, and facilitate identification of specimens collected or observed. A description of the hydrography of the Alboran Sea is followed by a general account of zooplankton biomass distribution, and more detailed lists of the occurrence of 361 species of medusae, siphonophores, ctenophores, worms, tunicates and crustaceans in 7 regions of the Western Mediterranean. Bioluminescent properties of the organisms are indicated where known. An illustrated taxonomic guide provides capsule descriptions and illustrations of 254 of the listed species.

publication date

  • September 1991