The use of Renilla luciferase, Oplophorus luciferase, and apoaequorin as bioluminescent reporter protein in the presence of coelenterazine analogues as substrate. Academic Article uri icon


  • To investigate the use of various luciferases as reporter protein, the substrate specificity of recombinant Renilla luciferase, Oplophorus luciferase and recombinant apoaequorin was examined using 23 kinds of coelenterazine analogues as the substrate. The intensity of luminescence was generally highest with Oplophorus luciferase and lowest with apoaequorin, but varied widely by the substrate used. A very high level of light intensity was obtained when the luminescence reactions of e-coelenterazine and v-coelenterazine were catalyzed by Renilla luciferase, strongly suggesting the usefulness of recombinant Renilla luciferase as a highly sensitive reporter protein. Oplophorus luciferase can be an equally sensitive reporter protein when its gene is obtained.

publication date

  • April 17, 1997