Structure and non-enzymatic light emission of two luciferin precursors isolated from the luminous mushroom Panellus stipticus. Academic Article uri icon


  • The chemical structure of two luciferin precursors PS-A and PS-B, isolated from the luminous mushroom Panellus stipticus, were determined as 1-O-decanoylpanal (2) and 1-O-dodecanoylpanal (3), respectively. Both PS-A and PS-B were converted into chemiluminescent luciferins by treatment with 50 mmol/l methylamine in a pH 3.5 buffer solution containing an anionic surfactant Tergitol 4 at 25-35 degrees C. The luciferins emitted chemiluminescence in a pH 7-8 buffer solution containing a cationic surfactant in the presence of O2 and O2-.

publication date

  • July 1993