Molecular phylogeny of a potentially parasitic dinoflagellate isolated from the solitary radiolarian, Thalassicolla nucleata. Academic Article uri icon


  • Thalassicolla nucleata, a solitary radiolarian, has been described as being parasitized by two dinoflagellates, Solenodinium (Syndiniales) and Caryotoma (Blastodiniales). Several T. nucleata were stripped of their extracapsular material and allowed to regenerate their rhizopodial structures without symbionts. Within a week, two were observed to disintegrate, leaving behind non-pigmented swimming dinoflagellate cells. Identical full-length ribosomal sequences were recovered from both samples. Upon alignment and phylogenetic analysis, it was determined that these putative parasite sequences were distinct from Scrippsiella nutricula (the dinoflagellate symbiont of the host), and also from all other dinoflagellate parasites sequenced to date.

publication date

  • January 2006