Even carbon number predominance of plant wax n-alkanes Academic Article uri icon


  • The distributions of n-alkanes of four species of Micromeria have the conventional higher plant pattern of high carbon preference index (CPI) and odd-numbered carbon dominance (maxima at n-C-31 or n-C-33), rather than the even-numbered predominance previously reported (Palic, R., Ristic, N., Simic, N., Kitic, D., Kapetanovic, R., 1997. The alkanes from some plants of Micromeria genus. Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society 62, 619-622). The stable carbon isotope ratio values (delta(13)C) of the individual n-alkanes (-38 to -34 parts per thousand) are typical of C-3 plants. Homologous series of odd-numbered predominant iso-alkanes (i-C-27 to i-C-35) and even-numbered predominant anteiso-alkanes (a-C-27 to a-C-35) are also present (8 to 18% of the total identified alkanes) and have similar carbon isotopic ratios (-36.8 to -35.1 parts per thousand). (C) 2000 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved.

publication date

  • April 2000