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Aluru, Neelakanteswar Assistant Scientist, Biology


My research interests are mainly focused in the field of Environmental Epigenetics. I am particularly interested in understanding the epigenetic processes involved in determining phenotypic (and/or developmental) plasticity. My research is aimed at exploring these mechanisms in aquatic organisms that display plasticity in response to variety of environmental cues. In addition, I am interested in investigating the role of different epigenetic mechanisms of action associated with long-term effects of exposure to stressors, especially during early development. I use a variety of vertebrate and invertebrate model systems (Zebrafish, Atlantic killifish, Daphnia spp.) and employ a number of different molecular biology methods –gene-specific to high-throughput sequencing to study epigenetic modes of action. Overall, I strive to understand the fundamental mechanisms that provide animals the ability to cope with environmental and anthropogenic stressors.

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