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Andres, Magdalena Associate Scientist, Physical Oceanography


My research focus is on the upper and deep components of energetic flows in eddies and western boundary currents (WBCs). Specific problems that interest me include the influence of topography on ocean circulation, the effect of meso-scale eddies on WBC variability, the propagation of barotropic and baroclinic Rossby waves towards the basins’ western boundaries, and WBC responses to atmospheric climate variability. I am expanding the scope of my research, which has largely emphasized the Kuroshio in the western North Pacific, to address problems in the North Atlantic including interactions between the shelf and open-ocean by the northeast U.S. coast, a region of marked sea level rise, and interactions between the shelf and fjords in eastern Greenland. I explore large-scale and meso-scale processes through observations and to help interpret those observations in a dynamical framework, I use idealized numerical models, laboratory experiments, and output from ocean general circulation models.

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