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Vallino, Joseph Senior Scientist, Ecosystems Center


My research emphasis concerns whole ecosystem chemistry associated with biological structure synthesis and energy utilization that underlies the development of living systems. Since the majority of metabolic diversity lies almost entirely within microorganisms, my investigations currently target microbial systems, which have the added benefit of fast characteristic timescales that can be studied in the laboratory. The question I am most concerned with is what governs the expression of metabolic function (such as photosynthesis, methanogenesis, nitrogen fixation, etc.) that is orchestrated by the entire microbial consortium? Are the rates of ecosystem metabolic reactions governed by just happenstance depending on which organisms are present, or is the overall chemistry of the system determined by fundamental principles? Current theories in non-equilibrium thermodynamics support the conjecture that systems organize to maximize entropy production (MEP). I am currently exploring whether MEP can be used to describe microbial biogeochemistry, using laboratory microcosms as experimental systems.

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