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Huber, Julie Associate Scientist, Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry


Dr. Huber is a microbial oceanographer by training and is broadly interested in microbial ecology and understanding how microbial communities establish, function, and evolve in diverse ecosystems. Her research program investigates deep-sea microbial ecosystems with an emphasis on using crustal fluids to interrogate the rocky subseafloor habitat. The potential for production of new biomass within the seafloor is rarely considered in traditional oceanographic paradigms of carbon cycling or microbial food webs due to how little we know about this under-explored and potentially ubiquitous microbial habitat. The functional consequences of an extensive population of microbes living in the subseafloor remains unknown, as does our understanding of how these organisms interact with one another and influence the biogeochemistry of the oceans. Due to the inherently risky nature of deep-sea field investigations, she often has limited access to samples and must leverage the best available technology and experimental strategies in order to maximize return of information from those precious few samples. This includes using next-generation sequencing, high temperature cultivation, stable isotope experimentation, geochemical measurements, and novel sampling and seafloor instrumentation for my subseafloor studies.

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