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  • Funding is requested for the acquisition of new sensors in support of POOL. The Physical Oceanography Observing Laboratory (POOL) of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is a virtual facility that maintains and provides moored instrumentation to U.S. investigators conducting research supported by the National Science Foundation and other national agencies. Component laboratory groups construct the mooring elements and prepare the sensors, go to sea to deploy and recover moorings and, if requested by the principal investigator, extract and process the data from the moored instrumentation and make them ready for scientific analysis. Nearly 5 years ago now, the POOL instrumentation was significantly renewed through a Major Research Instrumentation grant. Nevertheless, the present inventory of POOL instrumentation is fully committed to current, ongoing projects, greatly restricting the ability to support new initiatives in the near future. Moreover, overlapping deployments now scheduled will result in a shortfall in some requested instruments. Acquisition of selected new moored sensors is requested here to address this shortfall and facilitate future field work. Instrumentation requested includes: 1) Nortek Aquadopp current meters $128,160 2) Seabird SBE 37SM MicroCats $116,920 3) MMP upgrade/overhaul/modifications $103,425 4) EdgeTech 8242XS acoustic releases $133,200 5) Seabird SBE 37SM MicroCats $116,920 6) MMP upgrade/overhaul/modifications $103,425 $702,050 Broader Impacts The principal impact of the present proposal is under Merit Review Criterion 2 of the Proposal Guidelines (NSF 13-589). It provides infrastructure support for scientists to use the vessel and its shared-use instrumentation in support of their NSF-funded oceanographic research projects (which individually undergo separate review by the relevant research program of NSF). The acquisition, maintenance and operation of shared-use instrumentation allows NSF-funded researchers from any US university or lab access to working, calibrated instruments for their research, reducing the cost of that research, and expanding the base of potential researchers.

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  • May 1, 2016 - April 30, 2018

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  • 1623048