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  • This award provides funds for an early career development exercise using the Human Occupied Vehicle Alvin. The training will include a series of half-day, mini-courses on various aspects of Alvin dive operations, cruise planning and execution, and strategies for crafting successful Alvin proposals. The mini-courses will allow participants to explore how their specific research objectives can be accomplished with Alvin. Participants will each have an opportunity take part in a half-day simulated Alvin dive. These 'dives' will take place in the Alvin hanger, but in many respects will simulate the experience of a dive. In particular, participants will gain an appreciation for the field of view from the submersible, the time it takes to conduct manipulations for sampling and sensor/experiment deployment, and the responsibilities of dive participants for recording data and interacting with the pilots. Dives will last 3-4h and allow the participants to gain a deeper understanding of how to execute mission-specific goals with Alvin. The primary goal of the training is to provide new Alvin users with an opportunity to learn about the operation of the sub in the context of their research objectives. The PI will produce documentation from mini-courses to be published on the DeSSC and NDSF websites so that others who are not able to attend can benefit. Attendees will provide an evaluation of the workshop including: size and structure, topical foci of the mini-courses, simulated dive experience, and instructor effectiveness. The results of these evaluations will be synthesized in a short document to circulate at UNOLS, DeSSC, NSF, and NDSF for the benefit of future training exercises.

date/time interval

  • July 15, 2015 - December 31, 2017

sponsor award ID

  • 1550501