A High-Resolution Deep-AUV Magnetic Survey of the Hawaiian Jurassic Basin Grant uri icon


  • The project will repeat a field campaign that was previously funded but could not be completed due to technical problems with the AUV Sentry. The objective is to establish a geomagnetic record for the Hawaiian Jurassic Basin by collecting high-resolution near-bottom magnetic data. Using this record, along with pre-existing data from the Japanese lineation set, the proposed work will determine whether geomagnetic field behavior was globally coherent during the Mid-Jurassic, enabling construction of a more robust geomagnetic polarity time scale for this period. Upgrades to the AUV Sentry are planned to ensure that the project does not experience the same problems that confounded the original expedition. The project will support a female early career investigator. Following on the success of outreach and education efforts on the original cruise, the investigators will recruit and mentor graduate and undergraduate student watchstanders. Data and results will be made available to scientists and the public via papers and presentations, WHOI outreach facilities, the lab groups website, and the Marine Geoscience Data System

date/time interval

  • April 15, 2013 - March 31, 2016

sponsor award ID

  • 1233000