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Soule, Samuel Associate Scientist, Geology & Geophysics


My research focuses on the physical processes of magmatism and volcanism with an emphasis on the dynamics of magma transport and eruption and volcanic deposition in submarine volcanic systems. I use a variety of research methods to investigate submarine volcanic processes including: geospatial analysis of field and remote sensing observations from deep-submergence vehicles, geophysical measurements, micro-scale textural analysis of rocks, and geochemistry. Data derived from those sources are analyzed quantitatively and used to constrain numerical models of volcanic and magmatic processes across a range of temporal and spatial scales. My submarine research is built upon a foundation of observational, experimental, and geochemical studies in terrestrial volcanic systems from my early research. I continue to work in subaerial volcanology with an emphasis on evaluating the dynamics of eruptions to improve predictive models of lava flow emplacement, which pose significant hazards to humans and infrastructure.

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