Active Grants for the Geology & Geophysics department

Grant Name Close Date
A Least-Squares Fit of an Ocean Model to Deglacial Radiocarbon Records 8/31/2020
Collaborative Research: Diagnosing the Timing and Drivers of Northeastern Caribbean Holocene Droughts with Sinkhole Lake Records 6/30/2020
Collaborative Research: Interactions Between Incipient Continental Rifting, Fluvial Systems, and Regional Climate in Southern Africa: The Okavango-Makgadikgadi Complex, Botswana 7/31/2021
Collaborative Research: Physiological Plasticity and Response of Benthic Foraminifera to Oceanic Deoxygenation 4/30/2020
Collaborative Research: Relating Bulk Composition to Seismic Properties in Crustal Rocks 6/30/2020
Collaborative Research: Understanding the Changing Global Distribution of Radiocarbon: Sampling and Analysis from GO-SHIP and Ships of Opportunity Cruises 1/31/2021
Installation of a Seafloor Geodesy Observatory in the Northern Chille Subduction Zone 3/31/2020
Renewal to (NSF) OCE-1262752: Seafloor Samples Laboratory 7/31/2021
Skeletal Records of Coral Reef Beaching in the Central Equatorial Pacific 7/31/2020